Important Information

Dear Monomoy Parents/Guardians,
I hope you had an enjoyable summer with your family and friends.  Welcome back and I hope your son or daughter had a fantastic first day of school.

There are a few important announcements I would like to share with you.


1. District Curriculum Accommodation Plan (DCAP)-  The District Curriculum Accommodation Plan documents the ways in which Monomoy educators work to meet the needs of all students. The goal is for all students to meet the academic and behavioral expectations that we have for them, with the realization that students will often need some accommodation in order to succeed.
Accommodations may include varied instructional strategies, modified curriculum materials, targeted assessment, support services, and professional consultation. Additionally, ongoing professional development for educators and a strong induction program for new hires foster continuous improvement in the district’s capacity to help learners with diverse needs.

You can find the full plan here  District Curriculum Accommodation plan

2. Bullying Prevention and Intervention Plan and Reporting Forms -  You can find the policy and ways to report bullying on the District website here Bullying Prevention and Intervention/Reporting Forms

There are three ways you can report Bullying including an online reporting form.  Directions are located on the website.


3. Wellness Policy - The School Committee voted to approve a new Wellness Policy on June 22, 2018. It is important to review this policy.


4. Special Education Parent Advisory Committee (SEPAC)-  Under both Massachusetts General Law and Federal Regulations, the district is required to establish and maintain a Special Education Parent Advisory Council composed of individuals involved in or concerned with the education of children with disabilities.  The responsibilities include:

       * advising on unmet needs within the school committee in the education of  children with disabilities

       * commenting on proposed rules and regulations involving special education

       * supporting parents in the district 

We are seeking interested parents in being part of this organization.  We were very fortunate to have three parents supporting the SEPAC last year as co-Chairs. We are seeking a parent or parents to assume the chair position for the 2019-2020 school year.  We are members of the Mass PAC organization which has a wealth of resources and support. 

At this time, since we do not have any parents, the District will be submitting a request for a waiver of the SEPAC until such ime we can find a parent(s) to assume the role.

If you are interested, please contact me at

Have a wonderful school year!


Melissa Maguire