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Monomoy students volunteer at the Big Fix

Team Monomoy volunteers at the Big Fix     Team Monomoy volunteers at the Big Fix    On Saturday, October 5, 2019, Monomoy Regional High School students, parents, and staff volunteered at the Housing Assistance Corporation's Big Fix. The Big Fix-a-Thon is an annual event that supports the work of Housing Assistance Corporation by providing assistance to veterans, seniors, and disabled homeowners with cleanup, landscaping, and small home repairs, while offering a meaningful hands-on experience for volunteers.

The Monomoy team did yardwork, basement cleanouts, and more for two very appreciative homeowners. The volunteers were Susannah Brown, Lillian Gould, Kristen Hayden, Jemma Hayes, Joy Jordan, Liam Jordan, Karen Lucey, Matt Lucey, Amalia Marjollet, Derith Marjollet, Samantha Morse, Talia Tambolleo Perez, Angelica Velasquez, and Max Whelan.