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Monomoy Middle School students participate in Mock Trial case

MRMS Mock Trial 2018 Monomoy Regional Middle School sixth-graders taking the Mock Trial seminar recently tried a case at the Orleans District Court. The students, under the direction of Sgt. Bill Massey of the Chatham Police Department, acted as attorneys for the plaintiff and defense, witnesses, experts, and more. The issue at hand was a civil case involving a car crash where texting while driving was alleged. The judge commended the students for their preparation, poise, and clear and concise arguments. In the end, the judge’s decision was in favor of the plaintiffs. The students participating were: Ella Adamsons, independent witness; Sophia Bourgea, attorney for plaintiff; Braden Burke, EMT; Anna Carey, court officer; Dillon Chapman, independent witness; Morgan Crowe, power company executive; Sadie Hunter, attorney for defendant; Finn Hyora, attorney for plaintiff; Cameron McCutcheon, police officer; Fiona Moore, witness for plaintiff; Juliana Ritchie, plaintiff; Chace Robbins, telephone company executive; Zach Vagenas, attorney for defendant; Vidan Vujosevic, witness for defendant; Niko Vujosevic, emergency room physician; and Olivia Wragg; defendant. The team was also supported by Atty. Matt Bober and Atty. Matt Kelley, both of whom donated their time over the last few weeks to help the students prepare their cases. Judge Robert Welsh also shared his thoughts with the students before the trial started. Asst. District Attorney Ben Vaneria stood in as the judge when Judge Welsh had to preside over another trial.