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Join the Monomoy Equity Task Force - Use Your Voice

September 21, 2021 -- The Monomoy Equity Task Force is preparing to launch its work for the 2021-2022 school year and is welcoming new members. The primary goals of this Task Force are to increase equity in our schools and uplift the many voices of Monomoy Regional School District students and families. The Task Force meets quarterly, with subcommittees meeting more frequently. New this year will be the addition of a Steering Committee, to help guide the work of the Task Force and coordinate the efforts of the various subcommittees. 

 “Matters of equity are a cornerstone of ensuring opportunities for success for every single one of our students,” says Marc Smith, Monomoy’s Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment, EL Director, and head of the Equity Task Force. “The Task Force is committed to this work, and we hope to have an increasingly broad range of voices participating this year.”

 The Task Force focuses on a range of issues, including Academic Pathways to Success, Curriculum, Restorative Practices, Student Voice, Communications, and Staff Recruitment/Diversity of Workforce. Individuals from a variety of backgrounds and perspectives are encouraged to participate, including students, parents and caregivers, educators and staff, and community members. 

 To indicate your interest in joining the Monomoy Equity Task Force, click here.