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Renowned author and education expert Dr. Jal Mehta to virtually visit Chatham Elementary School community

April 14, 2021 -- As part of its work with deeper learning, Chatham Elementary School educators, in conjunction with the Massachusetts Department of Education’s Kaleidoscope Deeper Learning Collective and New Pedagogies for Deep Learning Global Partnership, have been studying and implementing a variety of tools and strategies to encourage deep, long-lasting learning by students. Chatham Elementary School and Monomoy Regional School District have been collaborating with local organizations to offer a community read focused on education, and the guiding question, “What would it take to transform schools into modern organizations capable of supporting deep learning for all?” Educators, parents and caregivers, and community members participated in book discussions based on In Search of Deeper Learning: The Quest to Remake the American High School by Dr. Jal Mehta and Sarah Fine.

On April 28, 2021, at 6:30 p.m., Dr. Mehta will join the community for an in-depth and interactive discussion of his book, In Search of Deeper Learning. This event is open to the public and attendees do not need to have participated in the book discussion groups to participate in this event. Join the Zoom here: To hear Chatham Elementary School students talk about their experiences with Deep Learning, watch this video: