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Monomoy Regional High School presents Junior Book Awards and Department Awards

Monomoy Regional High School recently honored students in a belated event delayed from the spring, bestowing both Junior Book Awards and Department Awards to students in the Class of 2021. The Junior Book Awards are given to students who are in the top of their class with respect to their academic standings and GPA. Colleges present the awards each year to 11th-grade students in recognition of their outstanding academic accomplishments, dedication to learning, leadership, school involvement, and community service. The Department Awards are chosen by the Instructional Leaders for those students who have demonstrated excellence in the classroom. 

Due to COVID-19, the ceremony was delayed until the fall, and the honors were awarded via video. 


Junior Book Awards

Harvard University - Amy Hinesley

MIT Book Award - Sydney Parker

Yale Book Award - Amy Peterson

Dartmouth College - Aidan Melton 

Brown University - Kimberley Parker 

Amherst College - Josephine Ganshaw

Tufts University- Ryder Robbins

University of Notre Dame - Colby Jones

College of the Holy Cross - Charles Southworth

Boston University - James Fernandes

Smith College - Leah Nash

Wellesley College - Jasmine Silva 

St. Michael’s College - Trey Cox & Brienna Notaro 

Suffolk University - Aliza Pillsbury 

Junior Department Awards 

Each department at Monomoy recognizes a student(s) that has made an impression within the department. The Instructional Leaders, along with their colleagues, proudly recognize the following students who go above and beyond in the classroom. 


Ryder Robbins - Excellence in Science Award 

Lily Daniels-Diehl - Excellence in Technology & Engineering Award

Jasmine Silva - Aspiring Scientist Award

Performing Arts

Brienna Notaro - Theater Performance

Olivia Hayden - Theater Tech

Maxwell Whelan - Instrumental Music 

Elizabeth Anderson - Choral Music 

Visual Arts - Josephine Ganshaw, Riley Jones, Halladay Perry 

Digital Media -  Maggie Dever


Sarah Arestad ~ Rabecca Fontaine ~ Max Hall ~ Jonah Tambolleo 


Josephine Ganshaw - Excellence in Mathematics


Amy Peterson - Critical Thinking

Quynh Le - Perseverance

Riley Jones - Passion

Justus Canto - Challenge

Leah Nash - Communication


Amy Hinesley ~ Colby Jones ~ James Fernandes ~ Leah Nash ~ Aliza Pillsbury

World Languages

Latin - Kimberley Parker ~ Sydney Parker

Chinese - Brienna Notaro ~ Ryan Schepman~ Quinn Schuyler

French  - Elizabeth Anderson

Spanish  - Mikayla Soby

The Learning Arts

Samantha Sequin - Aspiring Scientist Award