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MRSD increases rates for substitute teachers

Monomoy Regional School District is expanding its roster of substitute teachers and has raised the rates of substitute pay and added a bonus payment for consistent service. This fall has brought a need to maintain smaller class sizes and an increased need for substitute teachers, so Monomoy has adopted new rates to help meet that demand. 

The new rate for teaching substitutes is $105 per day (7 hours), and for teaching assistant substitutes, $92.63 per day (6.5 hours). A teaching certificate is not required in order to be a substitute. In addition, MRSD is offering an incentive bonus after 30 nonconsecutive days of subbing -- $500 for teachers and $400 for teaching assistants. With the bonus, a consistent substitute teacher in the district can average over $120 per day. 

MRSD consists of Chatham Elementary School, Harwich Elementary School, Monomoy Regional Middle School (in Chatham), and Monomoy Regional High School (in Harwich), and opportunities for substitute teachers are available across the district on a daily basis. Substitute teaching is an excellent way to help ensure a high-quality education for all Monomoy students, as well as an opportunity to engage in meaningful, flexible, and rewarding work. MRSD is committed to protecting students and staff by requiring all students and staff to wear masks and at least 6-foot spacing between all individuals and desks, as well as increased cleaning and disinfecting. Substitute teaching positions are ideal for college students learning remotely, retirees, parents, and anyone looking to earn extra income while making a difference.

To learn more about becoming a substitute teacher in Monomoy Regional School District, please go to