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MRSD launches Monomoy Equity Task Force

To better serve all of its students and to address systemic inequities, Monomoy Regional School District is launching the Monomoy Equity Task Force. This task force links directly to the district’s Strategic Plan, and will be composed of students, parents and caregivers, teachers and staff, and community members.

In its Strategic Plan, Monomoy Regional School District focuses on equity in two of its four strategic objectives. Objective one is focused on equity for families and caregivers, and objective three is focused on closing gaps in access and achievement based upon race, gender, able-status, language-status, and socio-economic status. 

To continue the work identified in the Strategic Plan, MRSD is creating a team to investigate policies, practices, and systems within our district that might be creating barriers for some students and families. This team will also work to make recommendations for changes to improve equity and access for all.

MRSD is committed to a task force that includes a broad range of voices and experiences, including students, parents and caregivers, teachers, staff, community members, and local leaders.

“As educators, we have a moral imperative to ensure that all students have the access and support they need to succeed and to remove barriers that limit outcomes for any individual or group,” said Marc Smith, Monomoy’s Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment. “To do this work well, we need to include a variety of voices in diverse conversations that allow input from those with a range of backgrounds and experiences. We look forward to the members of the Monomoy Equity Task Force sharing their thoughts and recommendations with the district. By acknowledging and addressing areas of challenge, we can truly grow -- as people, as a school district, and as a community.” 

The Monomoy Equity Task Force will have regular meetings and will help set the agenda for the work to be addressed, as well as conduct short-term/long-term planning, research district data, and develop policy recommendations. In the initial meetings, Task Force members will have the opportunity to volunteer for the Steering Committee, which will guide the work of the Task Force moving forward. There will also be additional subcommittee opportunities available as the work progresses. 

To watch a video introduction to the Monomoy Equity Task Force, and to access the link to sign up to join, go to