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MRMS students participate in Mock Trial experience

MRMS Mock Trial   MRMS Mock Trial   MRMS Mock Trial   

Monomoy Regional Middle School 6th- and 7th-grade students in the Mock Trial enrichment seminar recently traveled to the Orleans District Courthouse to bring their lessons to life. The seminar, led by Chatham Police Sgt. Bill Massey, who also serves as the MRMS School Resource Officer, leads students through a study of our court system and trial procedures. The culmination of this seminar is a mock trial experience where the students act as defendants, legal counsel, and witnesses. 

This case focused on charges of breaking and entering and malicious destruction of property. The students studied the law and details of the case and prepared their arguments, then voiced those in the main courtroom at the Orleans District Courthouse. The participating students were: Cassadi Manchuk (defendant); Nicholas Mesquita (defendant); Hillevi Segerson (defendant); Ethan Rosecrans (counsel for the defense); Aubrietta Schneeberger (counsel for the defense); Bridget Addison (counsel for the defense); Sean Cloney (counsel for the prosecution/Assistant District Attorney); Kassandra Cruz (counsel for the prosecution/Assistant District Attorney); Avery Gibson (counsel for the prosecution/Assistant District Attorney); Dillon Chapman (homeowner); Mila Narkon (friend of Rowan); Tyler Manchuk (neighbor); Emily Silvester (neighbor); Rowan Jansen (dogsitter); Chatham Gillis (investigating police officer); Allison Miller (school SRO); Ella Adamsons (Trippo driver); and Taylor O’Connell (restaurant manager). The seminar was taught by Sgt. Massey, with support from local attorney Matt Bober. Bober also served as the judge for the Mock Trial.

In the end, the verdict was a split decision -- the defendants were found guilty on the break-in charge and not guilty on the malicious destruction charge. All defendants were sentenced to six months of probation, and as long as they don’t misbehave, the charges will be completely dismissed.

The MRMS team thanks the Orleans District Courthouse staff for welcoming the students in, Atty. Bober for his support, and Sgt. Massey for his instruction and leadership.