• Note: 

    Academic lessons for June 18, June 19, and June 22 are connected to summer reading. You are expected to read chapters 1-6 of your summer reading book and respond to the following prompt:

    Conflict moves plots forward, and conflict may be internal or external. An internal conflict is between the main character and himself (like overcoming fear). An external conflict is between the main character and another character in the book, or between the main character and a force (like society, nature, or technology).

    Based on what you have read so far, what is …
    a. the title of your book
    b. the main conflict of your book
    c. one quote from chapters 1-6 that supports your description of the main conflict

    You will share your response with your peers - and your homeroom teacher - during homeroom on the last day of school, Monday, June 22.

MRMS Summer Reading 2020

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