• Monomoy Regional Middle School Summer Reading 2019

    Please see the librarian or your classroom teacher before school ends, if you need help obtaining the book you have selected for summer reading.

    This summer we are asking you to select a book from the list of options below, read it during vacation, and prepare for a special book group that will meet in September.

    Our goals are to promote the love of reading and to develop the habit of reading for enjoyment. When thinking about these goals, we realized these key points:

    • The best way to meet our goals is to model this for students. To that end, teachers, administrators, and other members of our school community will be leading these book groups.  Reading is our collective responsibility, and we want our students to know that we know it.
    • Students need choice. So much of what we read must be read for specific classroom purposes, but summer reading does not have to be. What follows is a list of books that both adults and students love and have recommended for inclusion in our list. Not every book may be for every reader, which is why we have included a brief synopsis, to help students make the best informed choices for themselves. 
    • Not every student has access to books. Students who do not read over the summer experience decreases in their ability to read complex texts, and the differences are greater for students who do not have regular access to reading books for pleasure.  
    • Writing is an important skill to develop, but often makes summer reading feel more like a chore. Students should plan to jot notes, complete annotations, and do other writing to help them remember the points they wish to discuss, but no formal writing will take place connected to this assignment.  After all, how many of us pick up a book to enjoy and then write a report? Well, most of us don’t, anyway. Students should write what they need to make the discussion more enjoyable.
    • We want Monomoy to have the best summer reading program possible, and we can only make it better with your guidance. Please let us know what you liked or disliked. Thank you in advance for your participation!
    • Audio versions of many of the books are available through the CLAMS (Cape Libraries Automated Materials Sharing).

    Click here for the 2019 MRMS Summer Reading Book List

    Click here for expanded descriptions of the 2019 Summer Reading Books