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School Committee Goals

MRSC 2023-2024 Goals

Goal #1 

The MRSC will advocate for affordable and attainable housing to recruit and sustain high-quality teachers and staff.  We will also follow any housing challenges that might affect student enrollment causing families to leave the area. 

Action Steps:

  1. Create a cross-district task force to discuss and develop a statement of support for attainable housing.

  2. Build opportunities for the school committee and town boards to discuss recruitment and sustain high-quality employees.  

  3. Support the MRHS Career Education Internship program to initiate a conversation with Housing Assistance Corporation.

Goal #2

The MRSC will continue to support equity and diversity work within our district.  

Action Step:

  1. Have Monomoy Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging Advisory Council present in the Fall of 2023 and in the Spring of 2024 on the committee’s work on supporting equity within our school district. 

Goal #3

The MRSC will work with the MREA to assemble a contract that is regionally competitive and acknowledges the current financial challenges. 

Action Steps:

  1. Hold a joint meeting with town leaders to discuss the fiscal status of our communities. 

  2. Have the negotiating sub-committee meet with the administrative team to discuss aspects of the contract that may need to be updated. 

  3. Work with MREA to create a negotiation meeting schedule.

Goal #4

The MRSC will support improvements in the effectiveness of teaching and learning within the district.

Action Steps:

  1. Have the two new Curriculum Directors, the Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment, and the principals provide a mid-year (January) and end-of-year (June) report to the School Committee to discuss the progress of the new PreK-12 evaluation structure in supporting supervision of learning, teaching, and the curriculum.

  2. The MRSD Policy Subcommittee, with both the Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment and the Director of Student Services, will review and update as necessary the policies within the School Committee Policy Manual Section I: Instruction.

Goal #5

The MRSC will develop a new Strategic Plan with Administration.

Action Steps:

  1. The School Committee Strategic Plan sub-committee will work with the facilitator(s) to develop a timeline and process for the development of the strategic plan. 

  2. School Committee members will participate as a focus group in this process.

  3. The School Committee will get monthly updates on the progress of the development of the Strategic Plan.

  4. The School Committee will support the administration in operationalizing the strategic plan.