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New School Committee Member Materials

Monomoy Regional School District thanks its School Committee members for their service. Welcome to new and returning members! 

Please note that the School Committee section of the MRSD website contains many additional links, including meeting agendas and minutes, and other materials can be found throughout our site. A full oveview of the New School Committee Member Orientation can be found here (File BIA).

  1. School Committee Policy Manual 
  2. School Committee Handbook
  3. Open Meeting Law:
    1. Guidance from the Attorney General's Office
    2. Presentation on Open Meeting Law from MASC
  4. School Committee Member Ethics (File BCA) and Conflict of Interest (File BCB)
  5.  District’s budget documents
  6.  Collective bargaining agreements
  7. Monomoy Regionalization Agreement
  8. Memorandum of Understanding between MRSD, Chatham Police Department, and Harwich Police Department
  9. School Year Calendar