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School Committee

The Monomoy Regional School Committee develops policies and goals for the Monomoy Regional School District. Members are elected by their community and are comprised of residents from both member towns of the district, Chatham and Harwich, with proportional voting weight based on population.

MRSD School Committee meetings are streamed to our YouTube Channel and the Thursday Monomoy Regional School Committee meetings are broadcast to Channel 22.

School Committee Members

Monomoy School Committee members 2023-2024

Front row, left to right: Tina Games, Jackie Zibrat-Long, Ryan Clarke
Back row, left to right: Terry Russell, Meredith Henderson, Betty Gray, Jessica Rogers, Scotti Finnegan

School Committee Members * 2022-2023

Meredith Henderson (H) - Chair – (Term expires May 2026)

Betty Gray (C) - Vice Chair - (Term expires May 2026)    

Tina Games (H) – (Term expires May 2025)

Jessica Rogers (C) - (Term expires May 2025)

Terry Russell (H) – (Term expires May 2024)

Ryan Clarke (H) – (Term expires May 2026)

Joanne 'Scotti' Finnegan (C) – (Term expires May 2024)

Jackie Zibrat-Long (C) - (Term expires May 2026)  

  H = representative of Harwich
  C = representative of Chatham