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Monomoy High School Teacher John Dickson Earns National Recognition

Monomoy High School Teacher John Dickson Earns National Recognition

John Dickson, a history and social studies teacher at Monomoy Regional High School in Harwich, has been awarded an American Lawyers Alliance Teacher of the Year Award for 2024. 

The American Lawyers Alliance awards honor United States public and private high school teachers who have made significant contributions in the area of law-related education. Selection is based on how the teacher: furthered the understanding of the role of the courts, law enforcement agencies, and the legal profession; helped students recognize their responsibilities as well as their rights; encouraged effective law-related education programs in their schools and communities; and increased communication among students, educators, and those involved professionally in the legal system.

In announcing the award, the ALA wrote, “Mr. Dickson’s background as a teacher well qualifies him for this award. At Monomoy  Regional High School, he teaches Civics and AP U.S. Government. The Civics course is centered on the Constitution, law making, and public policy. It has always been a goal of his for the students to take a stand on whether they would have supported ratification. This lesson takes this goal one step further by having them act out the process, as well as writing about it. The project emphasizes the importance of Massachusetts in the ratification process, and just how contentious that convention was.”

“Mr. Dickson’s recognition as the American Lawyers Alliance Teacher of the Year is a testament to his commitment to fostering a deeper understanding of civic responsibilities and our students’ ability to have an impact,” said  Lindsey Parker, Monomoy’s Humanities Curriculum Director for grades 5-12. He has a passion for educating, inspiring, and empowering our future leaders.”

As one of his students said, ‘Upon entering Mr. Dickson’s civics class, it was clear that he was a teacher unlike most. The very first thing we did was make our own class constitution, with self-created rules signed by every student, teaching us the very core of democracy and our role in it. Civic-mindedness, political awareness, current events, and governmental structure are some of the teachings standard to Mr. Dickson’s classes.’

“This award exemplifies Mr. Dickson’s dedication to developing the next generation of informed and empowered citizens through dynamic and transformative civics education,” said Monomoy High Principal Jennifer Police. 

Dickson will be honored at the Annual Meeting of the American Lawyers Alliance at the University Club of Chicago on Friday, August 2, 2024.