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Monomoy High continues to grow Advanced Placement program

Monomoy High continues to grow Advanced Placement program

The Advanced Placement Program at Monomoy Regional High School continues to grow in size and scope, with increases in the number of classes offered, the number of students participating, and the total number of exams completed. For the 2024 cycle, Monomoy also showed an increase in accessibility to AP courses and exams for underrepresented students, including students of color, students who classify as English Learners, and students diagnosed with learning disabilities. In addition, Monomoy offered expanded AP opportunities for both coursework and exams for students starting in grades 9 and 10.

In 2024, 207 Monomoy Regional High School students participated in the AP program, and a total of 367 AP exams were administered. That is up from 182 students and 319 exams in 2023, with a steady and impressive increase from 2019, which saw 107 students participate and 219 exams taken.

Monomoy students are able to take AP courses in the following subjects: Biology, Calculus A/B, Computer Science, English Language, English Literature, Environmental Science, European History, Government, Mandarin, Physics, Pre-Calculus, Psychology, Statistics, Studio Art 2D/3D, and United States History.

MRHS Counselor Jonathan Bennett is the AP Coordinator for the district. “Research shows that students who take AP classes and exams are better prepared for college and thus have better outcomes,” said Bennett. “I am extremely proud of the work our team has done to increase these opportunities and access for all of our students.”

Principal Jennifer Police added, “We have worked hard to provide expanded learning opportunities for our students in a variety of ways, from our flourishing internship program to the breadth and depth of our academic options, and the growth in our AP courses is a key component of that.”