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Chromebook Repair Costs

Repairing/Replacing Chromebook

High School

All Chromebooks in need of repair must be brought to the Help Desk (located in the Tech Office) as soon as possible. 
The Help Desk will analyze and fix the problems they can and escalate the issues they cannot fix to the Technology Department.

Middle School

Students can bring their Chromebooks to the Tech Office during specific times of day for any repair needs of troubleshooting assistance. Students and staff will be informed of these times at the beginning of the school year. 

Estimated Costs

The following are approximate costs of Chromebook parts and replacements:

  • Replacement device - $250.00
  • Screen - $50.00
  • Keyboard/touchpad - $40.00
  • Power cord - $25.00
Transferring/Withdrawing Students

Students that transfer out of or withdraw from the Monomoy Regional School District must turn in their Chromebooks, cases, power supplies, and any other equipment issued with the Chromebook to their school on their last day of attendance. Failure to turn in the Chromebook will result in the student being charged the full replacement cost (between $250 - $310 depending on the model). There will also be a charge for any missing peripheral equipment such as the case or power supply. The District may also file a report of stolen property with the local law enforcement agency for equipment not returned.