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Digital Safety

Internet Safety Resources from Children's Cove

Children's Cove has suggestions on its website about specific programs and monitoring tools which parents can use:

Children’s Cove and a number of other CAC providers work closely with IROC2 for parents, professionals and teens/kids to discuss the impacts of actions online. Their website is here:

Additionally, they have added an additional resource to their website following the impact of Covid-19 and the push of children online, as well as those who may mean to do them harm. While technology, apps, and trackers can be helpful, it doesn’t take place of conversations between parents/caregivers and their children. The risks of online life are as present as real life dangers given everyone’s push online; however we haven’t had the same conversations with children about online safety.

Children's Cove has developed this page, as well as a downloadable/online agreement that parents can share with their kids/teens about rules and responsibility online. This page has some basic topics of conversation for parents to have, as well as things to be mindful of as they identify the risks and responsibilities of internet-enabled devices at home.

Find more information at: