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Strategic Plan

Monomoy 2024-2028 Strategic Plan

We are proud to present Monomoy Regional School District’s 2024-2028 Strategic Plan. This plan will guide the operation of our schools in the coming years with a focus on the needs of our students, providing guidance and identifying priorities for a wide range of actions related to our schools – from professional development to curriculum planning to family engagement. Through focus groups and an extensive survey, our entire school community has participated in the Strategic Planning process. The focus groups and the survey were administered by consultants from Teaching and Learning Alliance, who are guiding our district through this process. Our Strategic Plan Development Team compiled the data from the focus groups and surveys, and worked thoughtfully to create this Strategic Plan. Many thanks to the members of this group for their time and contributions! Their voices were an integral part of the process: Cherian Armstrong, Joe Auciello, Scott Carpenter, Christie Cutone, Abigail Dudley, Scotti Finnegan, Tina Games, Cynthia Gushee, Charles Gruszka, Meredith Henderson, Shelley LaSelva, Joy Jordan, Michael MacMillan, Robin Millen, Ryan Millen, Lissa Potts, Jo-anne Sheehan, Meaghan Smith, and Martha Stephens.


Monomoy Regional School District places students at the center of an educational partnership with caregivers and the community to create a welcoming and innovative learning environment that builds relationships, encourages curiosity, and elevates all students to achieve their full potential.


Monomoy is committed to being an exemplary school district, where all of our students become creative and critical thinkers, communicators and leaders, independent and confident learners, and engaged citizens. 

Core Values

Knowledge: We value curiosity and continuous growth
Dignity: We value every individual 
and their voice
Caring: We value kindness and compassion
Stewardship: We value responsibility as citizens in our community and in our world
Courage: We value integrity, character, and the willingness
 to take risks

2024-2028 Strategic Plan PDF

First page of the PDF file: StrategicPlanreport2024-202832524

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