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Portrait of a Graduate

Monomoy Portrait of a Graduate

Our world ‒ and the future we are preparing students for ‒ is changing at an exponential rate. In such a rapidly changing world, is what we teach, how we teach, and what we assess students on today best preparing our graduates for their futures tomorrow? Our Portrait of a Graduate process will help answer that question, and in doing so, better prepare all Monomoy students for the future.

Many thanks to all who participated in the initial information-gathering phase and the Development Team process for our Portrait of a Graduate endeavor. The feedback provided in the focus groups and in the survey guided the the members of the Development Team as they moved forward. The Development Team met regularly to review that feedback and other school data. This team was made up of parents and caregivers, students, faculty and staff, administrators, School Committee members, and community members, and the meetings were facilitated by outside consultants. The group  created a Portrait of the Graduate that was presented to the School Committee, and that will guide the work of the district in the coming years.

Monomoy's Portrait of a Graduate is a collection of skills, attributes, and characteristics that we are committed to developing in each of our students from preschool through to graduation.

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