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Active Employee Open Enrollment July 2024

Open Enrollment

Our annual Open Enrollment period is now available from April 2, 2024, through May 17, 2024. During Open Enrollment, you do not need a Qualifying Event to add or make changes to existing plans.   All paperwork needs to be returned by Friday, May 17, 2024. Completed forms can be mailed, sent through interoffice mail, emailed or faxed. PLEASE REMEMBER TO SIGN & DATE YOUR FORMS!

Open Enrollment Highlights & Instructions

  • New Enrollments & Changes:
    • All New Plans that you enroll in or changes made to current plans will go into effect July 1, 2024.
    • Deductions for health, dental, vision, life insurance and disability plans will begin in the June pay periods.
    • Deductions for FSA and HSA plans will go into effect in July.
  • Health Plan Summaries/Comparisons - IMPORTANT! Plan summaries and high level comparisons are available for our health care plan options. Please note that these benefit summaries are not the full policies and members should always check with their service providers and the Member Services Department of their plans to understand and check how benefits are administered.
  • Health Care Incentives - There are incentives that are still available to you. Please refer to your contract for more information.

Health Plans - Current Subscribers

    • You only need to complete paperwork if you would like changes. If you do not want any changes, all current plans will roll into the new plan year; no action is necessary from you.
    • You will see the new rates reflected in the June pay periods.
    • If you want to change health care plans or add eligible family members to your plan, in addition to filling out the enrollment form, please contact me with your changes so your forms can be coded properly.

Health Plans - New Subscribers

    • If you have not been a subscriber during the past year, you are able to do so during this Open Enrollment period.
    • Please complete the corresponding enrollment form (BC/BS or Harvard Pilgrim) and contact me with desired plans or questions.

Delta Dental

    • If you have eligible dependents (up to age 26 regardless of student status) that are not currently on your plan, you need to fill out the Delta Form to reinstate them on your plan!
    • Those wishing to enroll can complete and return the enrollment form.

Flexible Savings Account (FSA) - If you have an FSA and wish to continue payroll deductions towards your account, you need to fill out a new form each year or complete the enrollment online. Up to $640 of unused funds will automatically be rolled over into the upcoming year’s plan if you re-enroll. Health Care FSA max: $3,200. Dependent Care FSA max: $5,000

Health Savings Account (HSA) - An HSA goes with each High Deductible Health Care Plan and you need to fill out a new form each year. 2024 Individual Max: $4,150. 2024 Family Max: $8,300. Ages 55+, Additional $1,000.

Additional Open Enrollment Opportunities:

Boston Mutual - Basic & Voluntary Life Insurance

Aflac - Short Term Disability Insurance

EyeMed Vision Insurance

Additional Benefit Reminders

CanaRX - $0 Copay Prescription Program

OptiMed Specialty Medication Pharmacy

Good Health Gateway Diabetes Care Rewards Program

Cape Cod Health Connections - Wellness Benefit Program

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) - FREE & Confidential Support! Perspectives, Ltd