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Benefits for Retired Employees

MRSD offers continuing benefits to its retired employees who are taking a pension from the state or county retirement program. Benefits include health, dental, vision, and basic life insurance.

Retired employees that have not yet reached age 65 will remain on the active employee plan. After age 65, retired employees transition to Medicare and supplemental plans. With the adoption of M.G.L. Chapter 32B, Section 18 effective 7/1/2003, all retirees, their spouses, a surviving spouse or dependent, is required to enroll in Medicare Parts A and B, if eligible, in order to receive supplemental health insurance through the Monomoy Regional School District. Approximately three months prior to reaching age 65, the individual should contact the Social Security Administration and notify them of the date they will be 65. Social Security will determine Medicare eligibility. If the individual is eligible, Social Security will issue a Medicare care that includes both Parts A and B.

If the individual is not eligible for Medicare, Social Security will issue a Statement of Ineligibility. The individual must provide a copy of this Statement of Ineligibility to the Monomoy Regional School District in order to remain insured on their current, non-Medicare insurance plan.

Full details on the plans offered can be found here.

Applies only to benefit-eligible former employees.