• HES School Supplies -- Student Headphones

    The only school supply that families at all grade levels are asked to provide for the 2018-2019 school year is a set of plug-in headphones for your student to keep at school for their personal use.**  

    Our learning resources and assessments are increasingly computer-based, and personal headphones are more hygienic and fit the student.

    Over the ear headphones are most appropriate for our younger students. These can be readily purchased for $5.00 or less at discount stores such as Job Lot, Christmas Tree, Five Below, etc. Please do not send in headphones of any significant monetary value.  

    Please send in the headphones for your child on the first day of school. Questions? Please call the school office at 508-430-7216.

    ** The only exception to this is third-grade students who are also asked to bring in one 1-inch, 3-ring binder with pockets in the front and back covers.