• Student Dismissals

    If for any reason a student needs to be dismissed prior to the end of the school day, all arrangements need to be made PRIOR to the dismissal. Students who require early dismissal must present to the office a WRITTEN REQUEST signed by their parent or guardian. Kindly submit notes before 9:15 AM on the dismissal day, or sooner.

    Forms of acceptable written request include:

    · A note written and signed by parent or guardian including the date and time of dismissal.

    · An email from the parent or guardian to the school (jferro@monomoy.edu). The parent or guardian will receive a reply email to confirm the emailed dismissal request was received.

    · A fax from a parent or guardian (508) 430-7223.

    It is understood that unforeseen situations and emergencies arise. These circumstances will be handled on a case-by-case basis. All students MUST be dismissed from the Main Office. For safety reasons, MRHS cannot dismiss a student to anyone other than a parent or a specifically authorized adult unless written permission is received from the parent in advance.