• Parent/Guardian Drop-off/Pick-Up of Students In Front of School

    Stay in LEFT lane when driving into the front Oak Street entrance of the school. The right lane is for emergency vehicles, buses, and students & staff passing through to park in the side/rear lots of the building.

    Drop off/pick up CURBSIDE in front of the school from the RIGHT LANE ONLY. No drop-offs/pick-ups are permitted from vehicles in the left lane.


    If parents/guardians are entering the front of the building, park briefly in the small lot directly in front of the school OR proceed in the right hand lane when entering the Oak St. driveway to the rear of the building, and park in the rear or Whitehouse field lots.


    Option 1:
    *We have noticed that the highest traffic time in the morning is between 8:40-8:45 am.

    *Arriving slightly earlier at 8:30-8:35 a.m. will assist in alleviating heavy traffic volume and will spread out morning student drop-offs.

    Option 2:
    *In the afternoon, park at Whitehouse Field and have your student exit the side building doors and meet you there. There are plenty of parking spots in that lot.

    Option 3:
    *Arrive 10 minutes after the conclusion of the school day when traffic and buses have cleared.

    Thank you for working with our school to ensure our students, staff, parents/guardians, guests and visitors have a safe experience during our pick-up and drop-off hours.