• Welcome to Monomoy Regional High School Athletics. The Athletic Department is committed to providing each student an equal opportunity to participate in interscholastic athletics. At Monomoy the athletic program is an extension of the academic program, and all student/athletes are encouraged to strive for excellence in both the classroom and on the athletic field.

    Good sportsmanship, commitment to the team and school, and the development of skills and strategies necessary for interscholastic competition are essential to a successful athletic program. Interscholastic athletics at Monomoy embodies spirit, social presence, cooperative behavior, discipline and responsibility.

    We strive to achieve an environment where every student athlete has a positive experience regardless of what team they are on and where they learn life skills and strategies for success through interscholastic athletics.

    All student athletes and families should be aware that there is an inherent risk in participating in any interscholastic athletic activity. Students must have a current physical on file at the school and must register on Family ID, prior to the start of each athletic season.

    We are excited about our athletic programs at Monomoy and look forward to many successes on and off the field.

    Go Sharks!!

    Karen Guillemette

    Director of Athletics


  • The following are the high school fall sports we offer at MRHS and their start dates:

    • Football: August 19
    • Boys and Girls Soccer, Field Hockey, Cross Country, Boys Golf, Cheer: August 22

    More specific practice information will be given at Meet The Coaches Night. Our Meet The Fall Coaches Night is Monday August 15th at 6:00pm in the MRHS Auditorium.  All players and parents should attend this meeting.

    High school fall sports registration is open on Family ID. All students who are planning to play a high school fall sport must do the following prior to the first day of practices/tryouts:

    1. Register on Family ID

    2. Have an updated physical on file with the school nurse

    3. Have an updated ImPACT test with our Athletic Trainer, Taylor Murray

    4. Take the free online Concussion in Sport course at nfhslearn.com and give certificate to Taylor Murray

    5. Take the free online Implicit Bias course at nfhslearn.com and give certificate to Taylor Murray

    Our Athletic Trainer Taylor Murray may be reached at tmurray@monomoy.edu.  Any medical questions should be directed to her or the school nurses.

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  • Spring Sports Update February 7, 2022

    High School Spring Sports practices/tryouts will begin Monday March 21st. Meet The Spring Coaches Night will take place on Monday March 14th in person, in the high school gym at 6:00pm.
    In order to participate on day 1 all student-athletes must do the following:
    1. Register on Family ID. Registration is open.
    2. Have an up to date physical on file with the school nurse.
    3. Have an updated IMPact Test on file with our Athletic Trainer, Taylor Murray.
    4. Take the free online concussion course at NFHSlearn.com and pass the certificate into our Athletic Trainer.
    5. Submit the pre-participation head injury form to our Athletic Trainer.
    6. Take the free online Implicit Bias course at NFHSlearn.com and pass the certificate into our Athletic Trainer.
    If you have any questions feel free to contact the athletic office or our Athletic Trainer Taylor Murray at tmurray@monomoy.edu.

    Karen Guillemette, CAA
    Director of Athletics

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  • Winter Sports COVID Protocols - December 8, 2021

    As winter sports for the high school and middle school get into full swing, I wanted to take a moment to keep you aware of our Covid protocols for the winter season.  All student-athletes, coaches and officials must be masked at all times.  All spectators in all MRSD buildings must also be masked at all times.  For any games that take place at out of district venues, spectators must follow the venues guidelines on masking, however all players, coaches and officials will remain masked regardless of the venue.

    Safety protocols for a Covid positive case on a winter sports team:
    Winter sports will follow the same safety protocols for positive COVID cases that are used at the high school and middle school for identified in-school close contacts. When there is a positive individual on a sports team, all team members will be identified as close contacts and notified of the date(s) of exposure.

    Asymptomatic, fully vaccinated close contacts are exempt from testing and quarantine response protocols. Unvaccinated close contacts can participate in Test and Stay in order to remain in school and continue to participate in sports. Unvaccinated students who opt not to participate in Test and Stay must quarantine from school and sports for the period of time designated by the nursing staff. Students participating in Test and Stay who have games on the weekend must test on that weekend day in order to play. That testing will be done by Athletic Trainer Taylor Murray. Practices and games will continue as scheduled with all student-athletes who remain in school, including the vaccinated students exempt from protocols and those participating in Test and Stay. Please monitor your child for symptoms. Should your child develop even mild symptoms, they should isolate and get a PCR test.

    Please keep in communication with your child’s school nurse for any changes in your child’s health or testing during this time.

    If you have any questions or concerns regarding winter sports Covid protocols, feel free to call the Athletic office or email me.
    Thank you for your time.
    Go Sharks!
    Karen Guillemette, CAA
    Director of Athletics

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Transportation Waiver

  • All players are expected to ride on the bus with the team to and from all away games/meets. If parents need to drive their child home from an away game, this Transporation Waiver must be completed and submitted 48 hours prior to the game. Click here to download the Transportation Waiver.