About the Teacher

Mr. Matthew Brown - History/Psychology

Phone: (508) 815-5788


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Liberal Arts, cum laude, Harvard UniversityMaster of Arts in Education, Worcester State University

Mr. Matthew Brown - History/Psychology

I was the son of two WWII veterans. My father was a journalist and later an executive in marketing research for Gillette Safety Razor; my mother raised seven children and then went back to school to study speech pathology. She worked as a speech therapist for over two decades in school systems in Florida. I grew up in Newton, MA until I was thirteen, and then lived in Florida until I was 21. 

I studied jazz and studio music at the University of Miami, and then moved to Boston and Cambridge, working my way through school as a professional musician; I was graduated in 1986. After working as a musician and vocational counselor, I started teaching in 1997 in Worcester, Massachusetts in a technology-intensive, project-based school, the Accelerated Learning Laboratory. I taught history at Scituate High School and and law, history and psychology at Nashoba Regional High School. I then took a year off to tour Scandinavia, the Baltics, England, and Scotland as a musician. Since then, I've been teaching at Chatham and Monomoy, and revived the classes Law & Society and Advanced Placement Psychology; I also taught Advanced Placement U.S. History at Chatham. Currently, I teach world history, US history and law. I'm married, with two daughters, a step-daughter and a step-son, all adults.

My Approach in the Classroom
I work to integrate technology in the classroom, using project-based, collaborative activities. Although I teach students a great deal of content (as they find out on the tests and exams!), students who complete my courses successfully usually have mastered a wide array of skills, some social, some technological, and many academic skills besides: summarizing and interpreting text and graphics, organizing information and critical thinking. Above all, I strive for students to learn how to enjoy as many aspects of our work in the classroom as possible, and to give them interesting and challenging work that they will want to engage with.