Monomoy Middle School seeks community-sponsored fall club proposals

  • MRMS is seeking proposals for fall clubs - in either the morning or the afternoon - that run one day per week for 10 weeks. Fall clubs will begin the week of Monday, September 9, and end on Tuesday, November 26 (Thanksgiving break comes immediately thereafter), with clubs meeting 10 times over the 11+ weeks.

    The school strongly welcomes proposals from community organizations and/or individuals interested in running a club for MRMS students, as a rich slate of club offerings makes our school a vibrant place to learn, helps our students make connections to peers and staff, and uncovers hidden talents and passions!

    Here are two examples of community-sponsored clubs that ran last year:

    Wellness/Running Club - Share healthy ideas, learn warm-up routines, and build stamina through running. Set attainable goals, play games that include running, and have FUN in a safe, respectful, and encouraging environment. This club is rain or shine, so dress appropriately and always bring a water bottle. Sessions occur indoors - in the slim gym - when weather is a factor. Wednesday AM

    Board Games and Card Games - Are you game for this fun and engaging club? We have chess, checkers, cribbage, dungeons and dragons, monopoly, sorry, cards, and many, many more games. Spend your club time gaming with friends in the Board Games and Card Games club! Tuesday PM

    If you are interested in running a morning or afternoon fall club, please contact Mark Wilson, MRMS Principal, by sending along a club name, club description, and the day of the week and time of day (AM or PM) that you would like to run your club. Fall club proposals are due by August 1 to

    Not all community-sponsored club proposals will be selected for publication, but if the club runs, the club sponsor must receive a CORI and background fingerprint check prior to the first meeting. Clubs need at least 12 interested students to run.

    All club proposals will be considered, but Wednesday morning and Wednesday afternoon proposals are particularly welcome as teachers/staff have meeting commitments on Wednesdays.