• Monomoy Regional School Committee Goals 2016-2017

    Review Monomoy Regional Agreement

    *    Review the regional agreement for suggestions, necessary revisions and additions to the document

    *    Conduct joint workshops with the Chatham and Harwich Boards of Selectmen for shared input

    *    Present revised regional agreement to each town for approval at Town Meetings

    MRSC Self Evaluation

    *    Adopt a process for school committee evaluation and complete that process by May 2017 prior to town elections and reorganization of the school committee

    MASC District Governance Program

    *    Commit to completing the series of MASC workshops by December 2016

    *    Create a Norms and Protocols for MRSC meetings and members by November 2016

    *    Create a MRSC Handbook by May 2017

    Seek Input from Interested Stakeholders

    *    Develop and implement ways to gather input from all interested stakeholders of the Monomoy Regional School District by January 2017

    *    Gather and sort data collected from stakeholders by May 2017

    *    Review and debrief methods of collecting data by June 2017

    Approved by the MRSC November 10, 2016

    For a PDF of the full MRSC Goals for 2016-2017, click here.