• Monomoy Regional School Committee Goals 2019-2020

    1. Review and Update Monomoy Regional Agreement by December 2019

    The Monomoy Regional School Committee (MRSC) will continue to review the Regional Agreement, suggest any necessary revisions or additions to the document, and arrange for a joint meeting with the Chatham and Harwich Boards of Selectmen to present recommended revisions and/or additions to prepare a warrant article for the 2020 Chatham and Harwich Annual Town meetings.

    Action Steps

    1. Review Draft at MRSC meeting by September 2019
    2. Present to Chatham and Harwich Boards of Selectmen by October/November 2019
    3. Ensure that entire redline version is submitted to both towns by December 2019
    4. Follow up with town clerks from Harwich and Chatham to confirm receipt of red line version by January 2020 to be printed in the warrants

    2. Develop a Role of Mentorship for new MRSC members.

    Action Steps

    1. Review Handbook within first 30 days of appointment/election
    2. Redefine Mentorship Role and add to Handbook by 2020-2021
    3. Implement Mentorship with new members in May of 2020

    3. Work collaboratively with the Monomoy Administrative Team to continue to monitor Strategic Plan.

    Action Steps

    1. Work in collaboration with the Monomoy Administrative Team to review the implementation of the Strategic Plan and to update at School Committee meetings as issues and concerns arise

    4. The MRSC will expand communications with Board of Selectmen and Community

    The MRSC will seek opportunities to communicate and engage with the community and to advocate for the district with residents and town leadership including the sharing of accurate and consistent information on district performance, policy, and budget via web page information and public announcements as well as by regularly attending meeting of school and community organizations.

    Action Steps 

    1. Attend Board of Selectmen meetings; MRSC members to request to be on Selectmen monthly agendas, to present monthly briefings.
    2. Schedule and attend Community Forum 3 times throughout the year
    3. To work collaboratively with the Community Engagement Coordinator to produce focused messages on behalf of the committee regarding topics of interest to the community monthly.
    4. Develop a sub-committee to identify meetings and organizations of key stake holders in the community. Present to full committee in January 2020 and begin attending based on recommendations of the sub-committee

    5. Explore expansion of student voice at School Committee Meetings

    Action Steps

    1. Fall 2019 - MRSC members to explore how other school committees incorporate student voices and/or representatives
    2. Report out in December of 2019/Discuss
    3. Discuss course of action based on the December 2019 report for the Fall of 2020

    6. Support the October 27 through October 30 NEASC accreditation review of Monomoy Regional High School, receive an update of the Visiting Team Report, and support the subsequent response to any recommendations.

    Action Steps

    1. MRSC present at the welcoming reception on October 27, 2019
    2. MRSC present at the summary presentation on October 30, 2019
    3. Include the visiting team report and the follow-up on MRSC Agendas

    For a printable PDF of the 2019-2020 MRSC Goals, click here.