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MRMS Principal's Summer Reading Challenge

Summer is a wonderful time to kick back with a good book and we want to celebrate and incentivize our summer readers. The Principal’s Summer Reading Challenge is an extra motivator to continue reading. This voluntary activity is intended to encourage reading and to become better readers by reading together. All students, teachers, and support staff are encouraged to play along. For each of the rewards, we will have a student winner and a staff winner.   

During the months of July, August, and September you may submit a completed response for each book that you have read over the summer months (July through September). For each book you will earn 3 tickets for an upcoming raffle. The more you read, the more submissions you can make, and the greater the chance to win a prize. Students and staff must complete a response form for each completed book to receive tickets for the raffle. 

If you are having trouble accessing books, please reach out to Mrs. Dudley. We have plenty of selections available at the school. Also, keep in mind, book choices should align with your current reading level. 

For each book review, you will be asked to write a paragraph about the book which highlights a text-to-text, text-to-self, or text-to-world connection. 

  • Text-to-text: Compare the book you have read, to another book, passage, or article. Explain how the two are connected, and/or are similar. Provide specific examples.
  • Text-to-self: Connect something within the book to your own life. Typically this would be a personal experience/ or similar thought that you share with a character. Provide specific examples.
  • Text-to-world: Link your book to an event that has happened in the larger world.  Provide specific examples. 

After you have read a book, complete the following Summer Reading Challenge Form. Only staff and students that have completed the form will receive raffle tickets.  Raffle tickets can be placed in the following buckets with a chance to win that prize!   

Summer Reading Suggested Book List

Summer Reading Challenge Form 

We are still collecting prizes from around the community, but here are some prizes from past years: 

  • Be your class hero and get pizza for you and your homeroom: Sweet Tomatoes will provide the lunch and you will be recognized for your reading accomplishments with your homeroom! 
  • Let’s go Fishing!: Superintendent Dr. Carpenter will take you on a fishing trip in the Atlantic Ocean! Reel in a tuna and become legendary!   
  • North Chatham Outfitters: New threads for the fall is expensive, and getting decked out in the summer gear helps us through the fall and winter. Win a new hoodie, long sleeve shirt, or NCO hat  from your favorite local business.  
  • Ice Cream with the School Resource Officer: What’s better than Sergeant Massey? The answer, I-C-E C-R-E-A-M! Let’s combine the love of our Serg and the sweet taste of ice cream! 
  • Principal for the Day!: You are in charge for the day! Check out the happenings around the building and be a part of the daily decisions as you lead our school! 
  • Uber Eats Delivery for you and a Friend: Let’s get with the times and get our lunch delivered!  
  • Airpods: Do you prefer to listen to audiobooks? Well if you do this is the prize for you. Win a pair of Apple Airpods and tune in to your favorite book! 
  • Yeti and Stickers from local businesses: Join the growth mindset, and the power of YET-I! Drink your water in style with a new Yeti insulated water bottle!
  • Grand Prize! Stick’n Rudder Sightseeing Airplane Tour: Come fly with us! Enjoy a 30-minute tour over Cape Cod from above in a Cessna Skyhawk.