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Grade 7 Summer Reading 2023

Read to enjoy. Read to travel. Read to eavesdrop. Read to remember. Read to hear the music of new and old voices. Read.

Please select one book to read this summer that you have not read before. This should be at an appropriate reading level for you. Select this for yourself. You may take suggestions, but the final decision is yours. Bring to school in September the answers to the following ten questions. You may type or handwrite your answers on a separate piece of paper. The ten questions are self-explanatory, but try not to be too brief in your responses. None of these is a simple yes or no question. This will be your first grade of the year -- plan to start off right!

Summer Reading Questions to Answer for your Book:

1.  Reread the first paragraph of your book. What made you read on?

2.  Does the gender, race, ethnicity, or religion of the protagonist matter? Explain why or why not. 

3. Has this book been turned into a movie or TV series? If so, how does it compare to the book? If not, should it be? Why or why not? 

4.  Which medium would you use to convert this novel into a film (examples: live-action, cartoon, digital animation)? Explain your reasoning. 

5. If you were to film this story, what characters would you eliminate if you couldn’t use them all?

6. Why is the story set where it is (not what is the setting)?

7. How is the main character different from you? How are you like the main character?

8.  What is one thing in this story that has happened to you?

9. If you had to design a new cover for this book, what would it look like? You may create a new cover instead.

10. What does the title tell you about the book? Does it tell the truth?