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Visual and Performing Arts

Visual and Performing Arts Vision Statement

The Monomoy Regional School District Visual and Performing Arts programs are based on a belief that the arts are an essential part of the education of all students. Students’ ability to perceive and understand the world is developed and refined through the arts. The skills learned through creating, collaborating and presenting afford students the confidence to apply their knowledge and to communicate in innovative and creative ways.

Transfer goals:

Student will be able to independently use their learning to:

  • Personally and collaboratively use a wide range of creative and innovative techniques, media, and materials to solve problems in both conventional and innovative ways and create new works, ideas, and connections.
  • Comprehend how the arts reflect, influence and communicate the human condition.
  • Apply imagination, observation and rational thinking to analyze, synthesize, present, perform, and evaluate ideas and products in a variety of settings.
  • Use a variety of skills to solve problems understand complexities and be able to interpret and refine information.
  • Use artistic literacy, to communicate in the arts and across other disciplines
  • Compare the uses of the arts in a variety of societal, cultural, and historical contexts and make connections in contemporary and local contexts.