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Library/Media Vision Statement

The Monomoy Regional School District library media program is aligned with the 2017 National School Library Standards which support competencies in thinking, creating, sharing, and growing.  We foster a culture that encourages reading and learning throughout the school and an appreciation for literature.  Our resources support the curriculum, reflect the diversity of the community, and meet the individual needs of our learners as they become skilled researchers.

Transfer Goals

Students will be able to independently use their learning to:

  • INQUIRE: Build new knowledge by inquiring, thinking critically, identifying problems, and developing strategies for solving problems.
  • INCLUDE: Demonstrate an understanding of and commitment to inclusiveness and respect for diversity in the learning community.
  • COLLABORATE: Work effectively with others to broaden perspectives and work toward common goals.
  • CURATE: Make meaning for oneself and others by collecting, organizing, and sharing resources of personal relevance.
  • EXPLORE: Discover and innovate in a growth mindset developed through experience and reflection.
  • ENGAGE: Demonstrate safe, legal, and ethical creating and sharing of knowledge products independently while engaging in a community of practice and an interconnected world.