COVID-19 Protocols 2021-2022

  • Updated 3/2/22

    Our protocols for 2021-2022 focus on maintaining the health and safety of our school community, while maximizing in-person learning for students. These protocols are based on guidance from the CDC, DESE, and Massachusetts Department of Public Health, and are updated as those entities release new guidance and/or regulations. Following the updated DESE and DPH guidelines, we are shifting our COVID testing program and protocols beginning the week of March 7, 2022.

    Starting the week of March 7, we will be launching a weekly at-home COVID testing program, using at-home rapid antigen tests, in conjunction with our existing pooled testing program. Any student can participate, whether they’ve been vaccinated or not, with parental consent. Staff are also encouraged to participate.

    This new at-home testing opportunity is voluntary and those who opt-in will receive kits with two at-home COVID tests per student every other week. Caregivers will administer one COVID test on each student each week. These test kits will come home with your student, and we will communicate to families each day the test kits are distributed and sent home (so parents can check backpacks/receive the tests). In addition to this new at-home rapid antigen test option, we will continue with our Monday morning pooled testing, which provides a weekly COVID safety check using the more sensitive and accurate PCR technology.

    The added safety provided by this new twice-weekly testing approach, offering families and staff two different COVID tests a week, allows us to discontinue our Test and Stay and in-school contact tracing protocols. Individuals will no longer be identified as close contacts by school health professionals. Only individuals with an active COVID infection or unvaccinated individuals identified as out-of-school close contacts will need to isolate/quarantine.

    More details on these testing programs can be found here.

    The ability of this program to successfully keep our students, staff, and families safe depends greatly on the participation rate. The greater the percentage of our school community that takes part in both the weekly pooled testing and the at-home testing, the better we will be able to identify cases and take appropriate precautions. This will help reduce spread, keep case rates low, and allow us to continue taking steps towards normalcy. We are committed to continuous communication with and support of our families. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact your school nurse. 

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