• In-Person Learning Resources

  • What is Clever? It is a single sign-in tool that simplifies digital access for students and families. Students can log in to several digital curriculum programs by signing in through Clever, including frequently used programs such as Google Classroom, Lexia, and more. Once they sign in for the first time, they no longer need to sign in to our various digital curriculum programs. Clever is also an online portal that allows teachers to share additional resources and links.

    Click here for a brief video tutorial on the Clever Family Portal.


    For the 2020-2021 school year, in-person learning is a privilege.

    • We are all responsible for protecting our own health and the health of others.
    • Wearing masks and practicing physical distancing, washing hands and/or using hand sanitizer, and cleaning one’s desk/workspace are expected and are considered in the same way as other classroom rules and guidelines.
    • Families are asked to provide a mask for their child each day (and ideally send a backup with the student).
    • The school will have some masks on hand for times when a student forgets their mask or it becomes unusable during the school day.
    • There will be visual indicators of appropriate distancing guidelines and movement protocols, and students will be expected to adhere to those.
    • Repeated failure to adhere to safety protocols will result in communication home, meetings between principals and parents/guardians, and potential placement in the Distance Learning Plan.
    • Students will be expected to be ready to participate in class and on independent work.
    • All school rules in the Student Handbook apply during in-person learning.