Chatham Community Playground project

  • Chatham Community Playground at Chatham Elementary School A committee of 25 individuals from Chatham Elementary School, the town, and community have been actively planning and fundraising over the past 4 years to help rebuild, revive, and rehabilitate the Chatham Community Playground located at the Chatham Elementary School. The rehabilitation of this site includes the replacement of playground equipment, resurfacing of the area to make more it accessible to all, and additional improvements to make this area more functional for its intended recreational use.

    Approximately 250 Chatham Elementary School students, from ages 3-11, use the playground every school day. The playground allows for an outdoor learning environment, creative play, relationship building, and free-choice time. After the school day, approximately 50 to 100 students access the playground with their families and during after-school care at Monomoy Community Services. The playground is used year round by families, local playgroups, Massachusetts Audubon Day Camp and Monomoy Community Services for activities during summer camps and creative play. In addition, local inns and hotels, send their families to this site for play time.  

    Recently, the project was approved by the Community Preservation Committee to receive CPA fund grant money. This was a milestone in the process because it is a tangible example of the town supporting the fundraising efforts. The CPA funds were voted on and approved at Chatham Town Meeting in May 2019. 

    Design work is under way for the playground, and it is anticipated that the project will be completed in the fall 2019.

    The Chatham Elementary School PTO continues to sell shark wear and host events to fundraise for the Chatham Community Playground.

    As a town, Chatham is currently seeking ways to attract and retain young families, supporting the Chatham Community Playground directly helps support our growing community.