• The Middle/High School Late Buses will begin running on Tuesday September 11, 2018. The buses will run Monday through Thursday. 

    Please note that the drop-off stops for the Late Buses are centralized stops with drops-off at various locations in Chatham and Harwich; these locations differ from the regular drop-off sites.

    Click here for a printable PDF. 

    Late Buses – Middle and High School

    ROUTE 2

    3:40 pm                      Depart High School
    3:45 pm                      Star Market, Sisson Rd, Harwich
    3:50 pm                      Saquatucket Harbor, Harwich
    3:55 pm                      Stop & Shop, East Harwich
    4:00 pm                      Job Lot, Chatham
    4:04 pm                      Chatham Community Center
    4:10 pm                      Arrive Middle School

    ROUTE 3

    4:15 pm                      Depart Middle School
    4:40 pm                      Chatham Community Center
    4:25 pm                      Job Lot, Chatham
    4:30 pm                      South Chatham Post Office
    4:35 pm                      Saquatucket Harbor, Harwich
    4:37 pm                      Route 28 at School House Ln
    4:42 pm                      Star Market, Sisson Rd, Harwich
    4:47 pm                      Brooks Library
    4:50 pm                      High School
    4:55 pm                      Mobil Station, Route 124, Harwich
    5:01 pm                      Long Pond at Oak St, Harwich
    5:11 pm                      Fontaine Medical Center
    5:16pm                       Stop & Shop, East Harwich
    5:20pm                       North Chatham Post Office
    5:24 pm                      Chatham Community Center (drop only)
    5:28 pm                      Job Lot, Chatham
    5:33 pm                      South Chatham Post Office
    5:39 pm                      Saquatucket Harbor, Harwich
    5:43 pm                      Star Market, Sisson Rd, Harwich