• The Middle School Express and the Middle/High School Late Buses will begin running on Tuesday September 11, 2018. The buses will run Monday through Thursday.
    The Middle School Express Bus WILL run on early release Wednesdays, the Late Buses will NOT run on early release Wednesdays.

    Please note that the drop-off stops for the Late Buses are centralized stops with drops-off at various locations in Chatham and Harwich; these locations differ from the regular drop-off sites.

    Click here for a printable PDF. 

    Express Bus - Middle School

    ROUTE 1

    Begin at Monomoy Middle School

    3:20 pm                      Chatham Community Center           
    3:23 pm                      Eldridge Library
    3:33 pm                      Brooks Library
    3:37 pm                      Harwich Community Center
    3:39 pm                      Arrive Monomoy Regional High School

    Late Buses – Middle and High School

    ROUTE 2

    3:40 pm                      Depart High School
    3:45 pm                      Star Market, Sisson Rd, Harwich
    3:50 pm                      Saquatucket Harbor, Harwich
    3:55 pm                      Stop & Shop, East Harwich
    4:00 pm                      Job Lot, Chatham
    4:04 pm                      Chatham Community Center
    4:10 pm                      Arrive Middle School

    ROUTE 3

    4:15 pm                      Depart Middle School
    4:40 pm                      Chatham Community Center
    4:25 pm                      Job Lot, Chatham
    4:30 pm                      South Chatham Post Office
    4:35 pm                      Saquatucket Harbor, Harwich
    4:37 pm                      Route 28 at School House Ln
    4:42 pm                      Star Market, Sisson Rd, Harwich
    4:47 pm                      Brooks Library
    4:50 pm                      High School
    4:55 pm                      Mobil Station, Route 124, Harwich
    5:01 pm                      Long Pond at Oak St, Harwich
    5:11 pm                      Fontaine Medical Center
    5:16pm                       Stop & Shop, East Harwich
    5:20pm                       North Chatham Post Office
    5:24 pm                      Chatham Community Center (drop only)
    5:28 pm                      Job Lot, Chatham
    5:33 pm                      South Chatham Post Office
    5:39 pm                      Saquatucket Harbor, Harwich
    5:43 pm                      Star Market, Sisson Rd, Harwich