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  • Equity in our schools

    Posted by Scott Carpenter on 6/2/2020

    Recent events have highlighted the racism that continues to persist across our nation in damaging and dangerous ways. As a school district, we are committed to doing the work needed to ensure an environment of equity and acceptance. When we sought to lay out the vision and goals for our schools through the creation of our Strategic Plan, we held a community conversation to hear the concerns of families, students, educators, and community members and leaders. The Strategic Plan that emanated from that process noted specific areas of focus, including partnerships with families of underrepresented students, improving support for differences of all types, and more. In creating and implementing our Strategic Plan, much attention was paid to the issues of inequities across race, gender, able-status, and socioeconomics. We have used the months since then to investigate access gaps, initiate cultural proficiency training, and begin policy and procedure changes within the district to ensure equitable access.

    We understand the moral imperative behind the importance of this work. We also know that we all have much to learn and that this effort will require continued focus and attention -- we are aware of the importance of our role as educators and are committed to working for a more equitable future, where all of our students and families feel safe and valued. As educators, we must help create and implement systems in which all students have equitable opportunities for growth and achievement, and that can only happen when all students are seen and appreciated for who they are. We see you. We are here for you.

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