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  • Reflections on events at the US Capitol

    Posted by Scott Carpenter on 1/7/2021

    Like many of you, I watched yesterday’s events at the U.S. Capitol unfold with sadness and dismay. The violence and mayhem engaged in by the angry mob of insurrectionists is antithetical to the foundations of our government and political system. So many of life’s lessons that we try to instill in our students came to a head yesterday, and there is much that we can process with our children:

    • How we react to loss (or victory) matters: In sports, when one runs for class office, applies for a job, or even runs for president, there are winners and losers, and we will be remembered for how graciously we respond, win or lose.
    • Truth matters: Trust starts and ends with truth.
    • Words matter: The words we use have power, and can be used to incite and divide just as easily as they can be used to inspire, calm, and unite.

    We all have responsibility for the words we use, and our leaders bear even greater responsibility to speak in ways that guide us to the common good. When that doesn’t happen, events like those at the Capitol result.

    I encourage our families and our staff to check in with our students - listen to their words and help them process these frightening events in developmentally appropriate ways. Use your words to support, educate, and enlighten. See the image below, or click here for tips on talking to children about violence from the National Association of School Psychologists.

    While this is a dark time for our nation, I am hopeful that the horror of an angry mob storming the hallowed halls of our government will serve as a reminder that democracy is delicate and must be tended with good words and good deeds.

    As always, our counselors are available for any students, families, or staff needing support or resources. 

    Take care.

    Tips on talking to children about violence


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