Health Services Department

  • Health Care Services in the Monomoy Regional School District are provided by Registered Nurses. The School Nurses supervise health office activities and assure compliance with regulatory standards set by the Massachusetts Departments of Public Health and Education. A School Physician serves as an advisor to the School Nurses.

    Screenings are performed annually on students in accordance with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts regulations. Students may be screened at any time during the school year or upon request. If screening results indicate the need for professional follow-up, the parent/guardian is notified. If you do not want your child to be screened, please send this request in writing, annually, to your child's school nurse.   

    • Growth Screening (height and weight) - grades 1, 4, 7, and 10
    • Postural Screening - grades 5-9
    • Vision Screening - grades K-5, 7, and 10
    • Hearing Screening - grades K-3, 7, and 10

    Illness and First Aid
    Assessment of student illness or injury occurring during school hours is a significant part of school heath services. Care is provided as needed in the health office. Parents/guardians are notified of any significant injuries or signs of illness that may require further observation, intervention or follow-up with the students health care provider. In the event of an emergency, local EMS services may be activated.

    Health Records
    An individual health record is maintained for each student throughout his/her school years. The record contains the student's medical history, physical examinations performed by primary care providers, immunizations, screenings, health office visits and medication administration. Parents are asked to communicate student health concerns, medical reports and issues to the school nurse. Access to this record is restricted to school nurse. The health record is transferred with the academic record when the student moves to another school or district.

    According to Massachusetts state law, physical examinations are required upon entry to the school system (kindergarten and transferring students) and every three to four years thereafter.

    Sports Physicals
    An annual physical is required for participation in school-sponsored athletic activities. Physicals are valid for 13 months. All physicals must be current and on file in the Nurse's Office in order to participate.   


  • Dear Parent/Guardian:

    Please review the following information regarding medication, physical exams, immunizations, health updates and Massachusetts State Mandated Screenings. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your child’s School Nurse.


    • All medication is to be given under the supervision of the School Nurse.
    • Medication must be delivered to the School Nurse in a pharmacy or manufacturer-labeled container by the parent/guardian or other designated responsible adult. Do not send any medication to school with your child. Please ask your pharmacist to provide separate bottles for school and home.
    • No more than a 30 day supply of medication will be accepted by the School Nurse.
    • Every effort should be made to give prescribed medication outside of school hours. Medication to be taken three times a day can be given before school, after school, and at bedtime.
    • Certain medications (inhalers, epinephrine, diabetic supplies and digestive enzymes) may be carried by your child with parental authorization, appropriate documentation from licensed prescriber, and the approval of the school nurse.
    • Medication can be retrieved from the school by the parent at any time.  Medication will be discarded if it is not picked up within one week following termination of the order, upon expiration date of the drug, or on the last day of school by 1:00pm.

    Monomoy Regional School District requires that the following forms be submitted to the Health Office in order for your child to receive medication at school:

    Prescription medication to be given at school:

    • Medication Order Form To Be Completed By Licensed Prescriber – to be completed by your child’s licensed prescriber. This order must be renewed as needed for dosage/medication changes and at the beginning of each academic year or medication/dosage change. Click here.
    • Parent/Guardian Authorization For Medication Administration At School – to be completed by parent/guardian. Click here.

    Over the Counter Medication:

    • In accordance with Monomoy Regional School District standing medical orders, the School Nurse may administer acetaminophen, ibuprofen, diphenhydramine (antihistamine), and antacid (age 12 and up) as needed in accordance with manufacturer’s label instructions. Parent/Guardian Authorization for Over the Counter Medication Administration form must be on file in the Health Office annually. The link to this form will be sent in an electronic format districtwide with the returning student registration forms.

    Other health issues:

    • If your child has an acute or chronic medical condition (e.g. Diabetes, Epilepsy, life-threatening allergy, mobility issue, etc.) which requires medication or special accommodations during the school day, please notify the Health Office. We will work with you to develop a health care plan and request that you provide supportive medical documentation.
    • Please notify the school nurse of any changes in your child’s health status. This includes new medications or revised dosages, serious illness or injury, identified allergies, growth and development concerns, hospitalizations, and behavioral health issues.
    • Please notify the school nurse of any communicable disease.
    • It is important that emergency contacts/phone numbers are up to date in Aspen.
    • Any health related dismissal must be processed through the Health Office

    A friendly reminder to stay home/keep your child home if sick. Please report your child’s absence with the reason for the absence from school to your child’s school attendance line as soon as possible. If an individual (staff or student) becomes ill at school they will be sent home, and encouraged to contact their primary care provider for further instruction.

    Current COVID information:

    Testing information:

    Immunizations and Physical Exams

    The Massachusetts Department of Public Health specifies minimum immunization and physical examination requirements (105 CMR 200.00 and 220.00) for admission to school. Click here to view the Massachusetts School Immunization Requirements.

    A copy of a physical exam is required prior to entrance to school or within 30 days after school entry and at intervals of three or four years thereafter (grades 4, 7 and 10).

    A physical exam is required for participation in all school sponsored athletic activities. Physical exams are valid for 13 months. All physical exams must be current and on file in the Nurse’s Office in order to participate.

    Although we encourage every child to have a healthcare provider, immunizations are offered by appointment at the following:

    Barnstable County Department of Health - 3195 Main Street/Old Jail Building, Barnstable, MA. Please call 508-375-6617 for more information and hours.

    VNA of Cape Cod Public Health & Wellness Department - Cranberry Plaza, 434 Route 134, South Dennis, MA. Please call 508-957-7423 for more information and hours.

    Other health resources:

    Harbor Community Health Center, Hyannis  508-778-5420

    Outer Cape Health Center 508-905-2888

    Ellen Jones Dental, Dennis 508-778-5400

    State Mandated Screenings

    Screenings are conducted by health services staff according to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health regulations. If screening results indicate the need for follow-up, the parent/guardian will be notified. Parents may choose to opt their child out of a specific screening by sending a letter in writing to their child’s school nurse.

    Vision and Hearing Screenings - Screenings are performed  in accordance with Commonwealth of Massachusetts regulations. Students may be screened at any time during the school year or upon request.

    Growth Screening - Height and weight are measured in accordance with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts regulations and are recorded in the students’ medical  record.

    Postural Screenings - Massachusetts General Law requires that every student in grades 5 through 9 be screened for scoliosis each year.

    SBIRT - In 2017 Massachusetts Legislature enacted requirements for public schools. Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) focuses on prevention, early detection, risk assessment, brief counseling and referral for assessment that can be utilized in the school setting. Use of a validated screening tool will enable school health teams to detect risk for substance use related problems and brief intervention strategies will help to address these concerns at an early stage in adolescents. This screening will be conducted in grades 7 and 9.

    Thank you!

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